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The Registration Form can be downloaded in the link below:


Please fill out and return to the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce Office at:

1995-6th Ave Castlegar BC, V1N4B7

OR  Fax in your application at 250-365-5778

OR   Email at [email protected]


You MUST apply for a Chinese Visa for this trip, you can do it yourself by following this link Apply for Chinese Visa

OR (Recommended)

If you would like assistance with applying for your Visa you can contact the Travel Manager at Genelle Travel, as they will working with the Chamber of Commerce and Citslinc to host this trip. Toll free at 877-693-2189 OR  by email at [email protected]

*Please note that The Travel Manager will require you to fill out the application form and will require a physical copy of your passport*

The link to download the Visa Application is below: 2014_Visa_Application_Form

For more information contact Tammy or Anna at 250-365-6313