About Us

Founded in 1946, the Castlegar and District Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit organization.  It relies heavily on volunteers in order to accomplish its objectives.  The Chamber is in existence to take whatever position and action is required for business and the community to expand along lines that will enhance the quality of life in the community.  Essentially, the Chamber of Commerce provides an organization of members (businesses) to create a climate where not only our members but also the community as a whole prospers.  The Castlegar Chamber therefore has adopted the following mission statement:


As an overall guiding statement of philosophy, the mission of the Castlegar and District Chamber of Commerce is:

“To be the strongest voice for local business, encouraging a climate that enables our communities to prosper”


“Encouraging a business and visitor friendly experience”

These statements reflect the fact that the Chamber is an organization of business, professional and community members who share an interest in the economic wellbeing of Castlegar and District.  The Chamber is committed to working to enhance the community’s quality of life by encouraging growth in commerce and supporting sustainable development.