Who We Are.

Brandt is a customer-driven company, privately owned and family run, strengthened by diversification and succeeding through specialization.

For nine decades, the people of Brandt have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the hardworking men and women that we serve. And really, there’s no place we’d rather be because just like them, it’s when we’re working hard and getting things done that we’re at our best.

Our success is driven by a passionate belief in the unlimited potential of our company and the ultimate success of our customers and we act on that belief every single day.

That’s Powerful Value, Delivered.

What We Stand For.

Four core principles guide Brandt’s relationship with its customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders. Whether we consciously recite them to ourselves every day or not, their powerful influence extends to every corner of our business.

QUALITY in our people, products, services, and facilities.

INNOVATION in product design, technology, and business processes.

COMMITMENT in our pursuit of opportunities to create value – for our customers and our company. We are tenacious, tackling any obstacle in order to deliver our personal and collective best and to maintain the highest possible standard of performance excellence.

CUSTOMER FOCUS in everything we do. We work tirelessly to help our customers build successful businesses. At Brandt, the most important question we ask ourselves is “What does our customer need to succeed?” Then we do it.

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