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Verigin Memorial Park

Verigin Memorial Park is a Doukhobor burial site and flower garden located on a hillside approximately 2.5 km off Highway 3A between Castlegar and Nelson. It is a tranquil place with spectacular scenic views of the Kootenay and Columbia River Valleys. The meticulously manicured flower gardens and grounds are funded and maintained by the USCC organization with support from other Doukhobor societies and friends.

The Verigin Tomb contains the remains of Peter V. Verigin and his son, Peter P. Verigin as well as their wives. Also buried on this site are the remains of Peter P. Verigin’s daughter, Anna P. Markova and her son, the late Honourary Chairman of the USCC, John J. Verigin. As capable leaders, the Verigins have made an immense contribution to the Doukhobor movement in the past two centuries in both a practical and spiritual sense, earning the great respect and loyalty of their followers. To this day, the local community holds annual commemorative services to remember and celebrate the dedication and commitment of the Verigins and indeed, the dedication of all ancestors who committed their lives to peace and universal brotherhood.

1850 Terrace Rd. Castlegar BC V1N 4V9